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If your garden is neglected and not matching the look of your beautiful home, our professional landscaping services will transform it exactly as you imagine and dream of it. We offer a wide range of garden design services to revamp your garden and make it shine


Turf laying is the best and quickest way to have new low maintenance, stunning and healthy grass. It is the most preferred solution for families with children as the fresh grass is safe for outdoor play and it is pet-friendly. Besides, you can easily place your grill and garden furniture on the turf, invite your friends and enjoy some quality family time.


If you need a new fence surrounding your property Ivan and Sons North London Gardeners will be able to build it for you. You can choose a standard type fencing or custom-made close boards panels. You can also decide whether to go ahead with the regular wooden posts or ensure additional durability going with concrete ones.

Decking & Deck Repairs

If you would like to enjoy your morning coffee in the garden our team will build a brand new garden decking up your choice. We use a wide variety of high-quality decking boards to ensure decking will last many years and serve you well. Deck restoration is a simple and affordable way to refresh the looks of your existing deck without stressing out your family budget. Deck paint service is also available.

Installation & Removal

Putting up a garden storage can quickly open up more living space in your home or clean some room in your garage. Our landscape designers will be able to assemble a prebuild garden shed for you in various sizes or entirely build it from scratch.

Artificial Grass

We can assist you with advice on the perfect artificial grass type for your yard needs and take care of its installation. Our goal is to surpass our clients’ expectations and provide the best open space experience when it comes to decorative grass.

Raised Beds

Building raised flower beds is such a creative way to zone your green, flower, fruit, or veggie garden in style. There are many possibilities to introduce raised beds to your open space.


Enhancing the looks of your garden by adding decorative stones to garden flower beds and planters. Gravels can also significantly improve the soil drainage.

Garden Leveling

Leveling and evening the ground in a garden so it can be ready for laying new turf, artificial grass installation, garden plants, completely new landscape design.

We offer a wide range of garden design services to revamp your garden and make it shine
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